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CRM RFP Vendor Options

CRM vendor may submit alternate bids for various levels of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) related service(s) or products meeting specifications. Alternate bids must specifically identify the CRM RFP requirements and advantage(s) addressed by the alternate bid. Any alternate CRM proposals must be clearly marked. Each CRM proposal must be for a specific set of services or products and bid at specific pricing. If a CRM vendor chooses to respond with various service or product offerings, each must be bid with a different price and a separate proposal response. CRM vendors may also provide multiple proposals for software or systems coupled with support and maintenance options, provided, however, all proposals must satisfy the specifications. Alternate CRM software related bids must be clearly marked: "Alternate bid for 'name of vendor'" and numbered sequentially with the first bid if separate CRM proposals are submitted.


Same-vendor alternate bids are generally discouraged as you expect the CRM vendor to be able to identify their best CRM software solution based upon your needs, and because multiple bids generally cloud the information evaluation process. Nonetheless, this phrase is available for a starting point reference if you choose to allow multiple CRM RFP bids from a single vendor.

CRM vendors may submit offers as partnerships or other business entities. Such partners or other "co-Vendors", if any, shall fully disclose their relationship. There shall not be any obligation to contract with more than one Vendor. Any requirements for references, CRM RFP requests or similar reference materials shall mean all such partners or co-Vendors.


Co-vendor CRM RFP responses are a growing trend for larger sale opportunities and with the use of third party software solutions. Either situation should suggest extreme caution as partnerships often eventually dissolve and third party 'integrated' solutions seldom work as advertised.