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Benioff Comments Entertaining

July 11 9:05 AM PST by Jason P

First of all, Benioff is correct that MS CRM is clearly an inferior ondemand CRM software product that has no competitive advantage other than price. Second, while the media may play him, recognize their solicitation of his comments and quotes is a part of his marketing strategy - so I would question whether the media is playing Benioff or Benioff is playing the media (or it's an understood relationship where they are both playing each other for mutual gain). Anyway, I find his comments entertaining. Some of my favorites include the following:

  • Calling SAP "innovation-free" and "bulky and inefficient as it is expensive and unloved by its users". I'm also not offended by his mocking German accent - "Vell! At SAP, let me tell you, softVARE as service is just one way to deliver softVARE! "It's just a del-i-ver-y met-o-do-lo-gy! Customers vant hosted--and zen zay moove!" - but then again I'm not German.
  • Correctly saying that "Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft are the Packards and Dodges" of software and doomed to irrelevance.
  • "Tom is even shorter than Craig" ... "which is really short" - referring to Tom Siebel and Craig Conway and Craig's alleged Napoleon complex.
  • Benioff's calling MS Titan the Titanic.
  • [And I've included the quote you referenced as it is spot on] "When you have an inferior product you have to have an inferior price. That is why Zune is priced below iPod. And why Windows CE is priced below BlackBerry. And why Microsoft CRM is priced below"


Benioff Played By Media

July 10 10:43 PM PST by Graciela

I was just reading Microsoft's Dynamics CRM pricing announcement on and just knew I wouldn't be able to get through the article without some entertaining and/or degrading comment by's Marc Benioff. And I was right, his response to Microsoft CRM pricing of $59 per user per month was:

"When you have an inferior product you have to have an inferior price. That is why Zune is priced below iPod. And why Windows CE is priced below BlackBerry. And why Microsoft CRM is priced below" And just in case that comment didn't make the media headlines, Benioff spouted that Microsoft's pricing "speaks more to the inferior quality of the technology than its competitiveness as a product."

The truth is he's probably right, however, it seems to me that no ondemand or web-based CRM software company can make an announcement without the media playing Benioff (like a fiddle) for a side-handed quote and relegating the online CRM software industry toward soap opera status.


AppExchange Uncertainty

June 22 12:10 PM PST by Robert S

We're looking at purchasing and in order to get the full solution we need we have to acquire a few AppExchange products. I'm trying to figure out if AppExchange products are truly integrated or this program is merely a marketing catalog of barely integrated solutions. I'm also trying to figure out the longevity of these solutions because if they were to go away our CRM application would become incomplete. I read the Joshua Greenbaum blog who claims that AppExchange is all hype and no revenue, and another ZDNet blog by Phil Wainewright which seems to echo exaggerated AppExchange claims. Now I see that head of the AppExchange program (General Manager Rene Bonvanie) has suddenly left the company after leading this program for only four months. Maybe his departure is a good thing, I don't really know. Prior experience tells me that allegedly "integrated" solutions seldom deliver as advertised - either only providing shallow integration which needs to be further enhanced, introducing upgrade timing differences between each vendors continued upgraded point releases or new versions, and/or the potential finger pointing when something breaks. Any AppExchange voices of experience out there that could provide some input?


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